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ASBR Travel Baseball


Arlington Babe Ruth and Arlington Little League players connect for the next level of baseball on the 90' diamonds with Arlington Senior Babe Rutha robust program of youth baseball with three seasons of opportunities for play ranging from recreational fall and spring leagues through all-stars, travel and tournament-level summer teams. 

We strive to provide a positive, valuable and enjoyable baseball experience for all players, ages 13-18, as well as parents and the community.

Recent News

Prep teams McDonough and Bongardt take the field for their season opener.

Alliance Opening Day -- Ashcraft met District Taco. Other games were washed out on this wet spring day.

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Fields Closed? Arlington Alerts by Text

Create an Arlington Alert Account and select DPR and Field Closings from the alert options to receive field closure alerts. Already have an Arlington Alert account? Login here and add DPR and Field Closings to the account. Arlington Department of Parks and Recreation will continue to use the inclement weather line to update field closures each evening: 703-228-4715.

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ASBR Summer All-Stars

ASBR Summer All-Stars will get started with tryouts in late May/early June. Teams will play tournaments and the Babe Ruth trail through mid/late July. Click here for more details and dates.

ASBR and the Nats TEAM UP

ASBR is a proud participant of Washington Nationals Team UP, a program that supports youth baseball and softball in the DMV. The Nats provide ASBR

•           uniform jerseys and caps for players, and caps for team coaches

•           Team UP Game at Nationals Park - free tickets to all players and coaches in the league

•           Nationals in-person and virtual player visits, coordinated with league and player availability

For more information about the Nationals Youth Baseball Uniform Program, visit Nats and Youth Baseball

Families can register to receive direct, youth baseball-related communication from the Nationals by registering here: Team UP Stay in Touch

BFH - Skills and Drills

Senators coaches have compiled some training tips and drills to practice at home during this baseball dry-spell, complete with video instruction. Check them out here on the Senators website!

Sports Engine ompiled more exercises to keep you baseball-ready. Check them out here: Baseball Workouts

W. Nats 3B coach, Chip Hale, with a hitting drill.

World Series winning batting coach Kevin Long with at-home drills.

Bunting with Adam Eaton.